5 Reason to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Brooklyn


5 Reason it’s Better to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Brooklyn

You might wonder if hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Brooklyn is worth it, or if it’s better to rent a Rug Doctor. While cleaning your own carpet may save a few dollars, there are several drawbacks to doing your own carpet cleaning. In this article, we’ll talk about the issues people encounter when shampooing their own carpets and the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

  1. We use highly effective equipment
    One of the downsides of using a carpet cleaner rental is the reduction in power it has compared to our heavy duty extractors. Carpet cleaner rentals use a small motor that has to power both the suction, water release and suction. Our machines have multiple high powered motors that allow us to extract even more dirt.
professional carpet cleaning in Brooklyn
  1. Removal of tough stains
    Rentals are known for removing some dirt and even odors, but many of our customers have let us know they weren’t effective in completely removing liquid or pet stains. Our powerful extractor allows us to get easily remove even the most stubborn spots.
  2. Harder for dirt to build up again
    Because the suction power of rentals is much lower, they actually leave behind a film of detergent that acts as a type of glue attracting more dirt. Unless you constantly run a clean in your home, the suds and soil will keep building up. Cleverly, this creates an ongoing need for you to rent a carpet cleaner multiple times throughout the year, which doesn’t save you money. We use green products which not only break down dirt, but they don’t stick to your carpet, so you won’t waste money each month to have us come back out and clean it.
  1. Using a company is less time consuming
    One customer said it took them over 3 hours to clean their own carpets and upholstery. That didn’t include the time and gas picking up and dropping back off the equipment. At the end of the day your time is worth something. Our team can effectively clean your carpets in a much quicker time period than if you were to do it yourself.
  2. Increases the longevity of your carpet
    We always tell our customers that getting a professional carpet cleaning is not a cost, it’s an investment. By scheduling regular visits, we can extend the lifespan of your carpet significantly. And by addressing major stains early when they first occur, you’re less likely to have to hire a carpet repair service, which will cost hundreds of dollars more.
professional carpet cleaning in Brooklyn

We know how valuable your time and money is. At Always Green Carpet Cleaner, our goal is to provide stress free quotes with top quality services. If you’ve been on the fence on whether you should rent a cleaner or hire a company, give us a call.
We will survey the areas you need cleaned and provide a free quote. Our turn around times are quick and we provide reasonable pricing. Contact us today for any questions you have! Call us and learn why we are top rated as a professional carpet cleaner in Brooklyn.