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Professional Mattress Cleaning in Brooklyn

We are New York’s 5 star rated company for mattress cleaning in Brooklyn. We will always provide the best non-toxic and chemically-free steam cleaning service, to prove it. Our mattress cleaning is 100 % environmentally safe for children, and pets.

To get a good night’s sleep you need your mattress to be clean, but over time your mattress will collect dead skin cells, body sweat, dirt, and dust that can cause the growth of bacteria, and provide food for bedbugs and other organisms. Our eco-friendly steam cleaning methods will remove dirt and other organic matter that cause odors as well as stains and urine. We use only Eco-friendly products that will cleanse your mattress without the use of harsh chemical agents that might cause allergies. Our services for mattress cleaning will leave your mattress sparkling fresh and help you get that restful night sleep that you need at an affordable price.

steam mattress cleaning in brooklyn

How We Clean Mattresses:

We use two types of cleaning processes on mattresses. First is steam cleaning. This is a most popular process because it is effective and affordable. We use a steam cleaning machine to remove dust, light stains and even odors. If your mattress has heavy stains and odors, our shampoo cleaning includes shampoo, deodorizing and removal of heavier stains. If your mattress has sweat stains, we can get rid of them.

What you can expect from our Mattress Cleaning:

  • We use non-toxic, chemical-free and organic healthy cleaning solutions
  • Professional mattress cleaning equipment
  • Friendly and reliable cleaners
  • Best prices in town
  • No hidden charges

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Our Cleaning Process


Deep Vacuuming


Spot & Stain Removal


Hot Water Extraction


Add Stain Protection